First an introduction…

Star by nixternal, CC BY 2.0

To those who suddenly bumped into this post, I will explain briefly what will “Stars per Month” be about as well as introduce myself.

Why did I start writing this blog?

First of all, the idea of this blog came to me when I was asleep (it’s true), I woke up at midnight and the thought popped up in my head. Why not create a site to share some personal tips and experiences that might help other girls (ahem, if you prefer young women, it is OK with me) advance in her spiritual struggle? St. Josemaria perfectly resumes this site’s motto:

“It is in the simplicity of your ordinary work, in the monotonous details of each day, that you have to find the secret, which is hidden from so many, of something great and new: LOVE”

Why is this blog called: Stars per Month?

Devotion to our Blessed Virgin Mary is very important to me. It is well known that our Mother has often appeared and has been represented with 12 stars as her crown. Since the cycle and organization of the posts is by month, I came with a simple analogy: 12 stars – 12 months – 1 year – 1 life. Meaning the posts are meant to offer at least a little help in our struggle for sanctity.

What about me?

Well, I think time is up (It is a lie, to be honest I struggle with biographies) but you can read something about me in the about page.



Milky way over Jökulsárlón by Modes Rodríguez , CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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