“Stars per month” is a blog directed at young catholic women, covering topics, news and articles about the daily life. From school work, cooking, to prayer and novenas, music and movie reviews. The main goal of this media apostolate is finding and sharing the joy of God through the daily life. It might be interesting to point out that the purpose of the journal/diary style the blog owns, is to give the posts a more personal and creative image that can relate to both the author and the readers.


Diana P. is the writer of the “Stars per Month” blog, a young catholic woman facing university-style life. 100% devotee of our Blessed Mother. Passionate about math & science, books, art, cooking and music (classical and k-pop can actually be related?).

(I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakeĀ since my first language isn’t English. Thank you for stopping by! TT -Diana P.)